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“After having worked with the best guitarists of my time,

starting with Niño Ricardo, and including the brilliant Paco de Lucía,

I can attest to the enormous talent of Alejandro Hurtado,

and I have no doubt he will occupy a privileged place

in the world of flamenco guitar.”

Antonio Fernández Díaz, “Fosforito"

After many years of preparation and a many profesional achievements, the profesional career of Alejandro reached a new level after 2017.

This year, only two months after finishing his flamenco guitar degree at the Conservatorio Superior de Córdoba, with Honor and Extraordinary end of studies prize, he won the most important award in the world of Flamenco guitar: the “Bordon minero”.

This prize was given to Alejandro after not having been awarded for several years.

The same year the flamenco singer Mayte Martín, one of the l

eading figures in the flamenco world, took notice, and invited him to be her official guitar player in all her performances (TEMPO RUBATO, alCANTARaMANUEL y FLAMENCO CLÁSICO).

All this recognition is not by chance, but the fruit of an exceptional talent and rigorous work for may years. Since the first time he started to play guitar, at the age of 9, he showed a special talent that surprises everybody because of the speed of his technical and musical evolution.

 He started to win prices only a few years after he began to play guitar. He began to study classical guitar with Marco Uceda; afterwards he was accepted at the Conservatorio Profesional de Música y Danza “Vicente Lillo Cánovas”, in his home town, where he continued his classical guitar studies with Raul Juan Ruiz.

 At the same time, he studied flamenco guitar with Pedro Alarcón, and modern harmony with Roberto Sabater. He continued with David Cerreduela, and then with the legendary guitarist Arturo Cerreduela “el nani”, who taught him the secrets of “caño roto” guitar. Undoubtedly, his classical training has provided his style with a clean performance unusual among the flamenco guitarists.

Over the years, his interest in flamenco grew, until he finally focused on flamenco guitar. After finishing his studies at the Conservatorio Profesional, he was accepted in 2013 at the Superior Conservatory of Music in Cordoba, to study flamenco guitar with Paco Serrano and Manolo Franco, among other teachers.

 He also received classical guitar lessons from Pablo Barón. In 2017 he finished with Honour unanimously and Extraordinary end of studies prize. While studying at the Conservatorio, he has taken lessons from distinguished guitarists such as Manolo Sanlúcar, José Antonio Rodríguez, El Viejín, Juan Manuel Cañizares, Rafael Riqueni, Jerónimo Maya, Manolo Franco, José Luis Montón...

Despite his youth, he has received many prizes:

Primer Premio "Bordón Minero" en el Festival Internacional del Cante de las Minas La Unión (2017).

Primer Premio “Vicente Amigo” “Concurso Jóvenes flamencos de Córdoba” (2015)

Primer Premio “XVI Concurso Nacional de guitarra flamenca para jóvenes intérpretes de la Diputación de Jaén” (2014)

Primer Premio Comunidad Valenciana en los Premios Veo Veo (2008)

Primer Premio “XII y XVI Concurso Jóvenes Intérpretes” San Vicente del Raspeig (2009/2013)

Segundo Premio “Concurso Internacional de Guitarra Flamenca Niño Ricardo” , Murcia (2010)

Tercer Premio Nacional en los Premios Veo Veo (2008)

Tercer Premio Certamen Internacional de guitarra “José Tomás” en Petrer (2006).

 He has performed in numerous festivals, as

 “Concurso Nacional de Arte Flamenco” in Córdoba,

“Bienal de flamenco de Málaga”,

“Flamenco Hoy” in Alicante,

“ Sibiu International Festival” in Romania,

“Cátedra de Flamencología de Córdoba” together with Paco Serrano,

Musical week “Vicente Lillo Cánovas” in San Vicente del Raspeig,

“II Flamenco Congress”, “Cordoba Guitar Festival”,

“Noche Blanca del Flamenco” in Córdoba,

 Ciclo Flamenco Joven 2017 at the Teatro Conde Duque in Madrid.

 Official guitarist at the “XIV Concurso Jóvenes Flamencos”, and at the dance seminar in the “37 Cordoba Guitar Festival” with Rafaela Carrasco.

He played in the final concert of the “37 Cordoba Guitar Festival” together with José Antonio Rodríguez.

He has performed also with flamenco singer David Pino in many flamenco festivals in differents parts of Spain, and he has shared the stage with such distinguished musicians as José Merce, Arcángel, Miguel Ángel Cortés, Argentina, Rancapino Chico...

He has recorded a CD with David Pino, and has been guitarist in some flamenco performances:

 “Locos de Amor”, tribute to Pepe Pinto and Pastora Pavón “Niña de los Peines”;

“Nazareno y Olivares”, Tribute to Fosforito,


 “Volátil” and

 “De Castilla a Jerez” .

 He has been guitarist and composer in the Compañía de Danza Flamenco-española “José Soriano”


8. Amberes (Bélgium), with Mayte Martín


17. NIMES (FRANCE) "Memento", with with Mayte Martín

25. SEVILLA "Memento", with Mayte Martín


9. LLEIDA. "Memento", with Mayte Martín

22. CÓRDOBA "Memento", with Mayte Martín


12. SEVILLA, "Memento", with Mayte Martín

27. "Memento", with Mayte Martín


24. LINARES, with Mayte Martín

30. MANILVA (MÁLAGA), "Memento", with Mayte Martín

31. MONTILLA (CÓRDOBA), "Memento", with Mayte Martín

JULY 2019

27. Paterna de la Rivera (Cádiz) "Flamenco clásico," with Mayte Martín

JUNE 2019

23. Madrid. "Flamenco clásico" with Mayte Martín + Lorca

15. Alahurín de la Torre (Málaga) "Flamenco clásico," with Mayte Martín

MAY 2019

 18. Manresa. "Tempo rubato", with Mayte Martín

17. Montcada, Barcelona "Tempo rubato", with Mayte Martín

16. Lleida. "Tempo rubato", with Mayte Martín

10. Madrid, Auditorio Nacional. "Flamenco clásico" with Mayte Martín

9. Mallorca. "Al cantar a Manuel", with Mayte Martín

5, Badalona. "Memento"

APRIL 2019

8. Granada. "Flamenco clásico", with Mayte Martín

7. Málaga. "Flamenco clásico", with Mayte Martín

MARCH 2019

30. Barcelona. "Al cantar a Manuel", with Mayte Martín

23. Barcelona. "Al cantar a Manuel", con Mayte Martín 2. Bañoles. "Memento"


8 Adra (Almería). "Flamenco clásico", with Mayte Martín


11. Roma. "Deja vu", with Mayte Martín and Belén Maya